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Set icon of app when packaged with a toolbox

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I'm packaging an app inside a toolbox, but I can't find a way to set the app icon that appears on the "Apps" ribbon tab - it always just displays a default icon. I've set the icon in app designer in the "App Details" dialogue, and in the UIFigure properties, but this makes no difference to the icon which is displayed on the ribbon.
When I package the toolbox, my app is detected by the packaging dialogue due to it being inside my toolbox folder. It appears under the "Examples, Apps and Documentation" tab, but it just has a default icon and there doesn't appear to be any way to modify this.
I don't want to package this separately as a MATLAB app because then it will embed all the dependent code, duplicating what is already in my toolbox.

Answers (1)

George Mortimer
George Mortimer on 10 Aug 2023
Not sure if you found another answer to this, but I came across this while trying to solve the same problem. Here's my solution:
  • Start packaging the app individually
  • Remove any files included through analysis (right-click and delete)
  • Package the app
  • Package your toolbox with the packaged app


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