Create an S-Function with 3D inputs

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chef13 on 20 Feb 2015
Answered: VAN NGOC MAI on 27 Dec 2018
Hi to everyone. I am using Simulink and my model is too slow for my purposes. I am using already the Accelerator mode and I would like to create an S-function of a block which is the core of my algorithm. But when I try to generate the S-Function what I got is the following error:
I don't know what does it mean to use a TLC file and a mdlRTW function.
what is written in the image is :
Invalid parameters for S-function 'simulationBearingRigidity_DirConstr/Bearing Formation Algorithm1/Bearing Formation Algorithm_sfcn'. For code generation, S-function parameters must be one or two dimensional nonsparse numeric or character arrays unless the S-function uses a TLC file and has an mdlRTW function.
Thanks for any help.

Answers (1)

VAN NGOC MAI on 27 Dec 2018
I am also facing with same problem! Did you solve problem sucessfully?


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