how to read .grd file?

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Lilya on 14 Sep 2022
Edited: Jeffrey Clark on 15 Sep 2022
Hi all
I am tryoung to read/extract information from .grd file using the following function
once i run it, it show this error:
Error using matlab.internal.imagesci.netcdflib
The NetCDF library encountered an error during execution of 'open' function - 'Unknown file format (NC_ENOTNC)'.
Error in (line 67)
[varargout{:}] = matlab.internal.imagesci.netcdflib ( 'open', filename, varargin{1} );
Error in grdread2 (line 61)
ncid =, 'NC_NOWRITE');
Can anyone please help?
Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark on 15 Sep 2022
Edited: Jeffrey Clark on 15 Sep 2022
@Lilya, did you create this file or are sure it originated from a mapping system using Golden Software's grid format? Could be another unrelated application like Photoshop. Use a binary editor to look at the first sector and see if there are readable identifications. Even if it is in Golden Software's grid format that apperently has ASCII and binary forms that may not be compatible with the platform you are using or either of these two readers you have tried.

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