app designer: how to index through multiple UIAxes

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  1. There are 5 UIAxes objects in an App added using the Design View
  2. Component names are: app.UIAxes_1, app.UIAxes_2....
  3. How do I index through each Axes component to update the plots?
Have tried:
app.plotHandles = gobjects([app.UIAxes_1,app.UIAxes_2,app.UIAxes_3,app.UIAxes_4,app.UIAxes_5])
for i=1:5
Unable to resolve the name 'app.UIAxes_1'.
This has the error : 'Error using gobjects Inputs must be scalar numeric or a vector of array dimensions'

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Sep 2022
app.plotHandles = gobjects([app.UIAxes_1,app.UIAxes_2,app.UIAxes_3,app.UIAxes_4,app.UIAxes_5])
The gobjects() function only accepts size-related arguments -- the number of objects to create or the dimensions of the object array.
You should use
app.plotHandles = [app.UIAxes_1, app.UIAxes_2, app.UIAxes_3, app.UIAxes_4, app.UIAxes_5];

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Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 21 Sep 2022
Edited: Eric Delgado on 21 Sep 2022
Hey... just put in the startup of your app the code below.
app.plotHandles = findall(app.UIFigure, 'Type', 'axes');
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Sep 2022
There is a risk that the order might not be what is needed.
There is a risk that there are other uiaxes as well.
There is a risk that there are standard axes that are not uiaxes.

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