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How to assign values to MV Targets of MPC object from cell array

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I'm having a tough time trying to assign 3 values to the parameters of an mpc object.
Here is my MPC object with it's current values for the MV targets:
extractfield(mpcobj.MV, "Target")
ans =
1×3 cell array
{[38.6500]} {'nominal'} {'nominal'}
According to this answer, I should be able to assign values to a struct like this:
[mpcobj.MV.Target] = {99, 10, 'nominal'};
But I get this error message:
Error using mpc/subsasgn (line 511)
Scalar structure required for this assignment.
I tried this:
setfield(mpcobj.MV, "Target", {99, 10, 'nominal'});
but get the same error. I notice in the documentation there is an example like this:
MPCobj.DisturbanceVariables(1).ScaleFactor = 10;
MPCobj.DisturbanceVariables(2).ScaleFactor = 5;
MPCobj.DisturbanceVariables(3).ScaleFactor = 20;
Is there no way to assign these in one go (without a for loop)?

Accepted Answer

Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
Edited: Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis on 25 Jan 2023
You could specify values individually
or you could do it in one line as follows:
mpcobj.MV = struct(Target={99;10;'nominal'});
Hope that helps
Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
You don't really need a for loop for 3 values, but if you want to do it in one line, I guess the following should work:
mpcobj.MV = struct(Target={99;10;'nominal'});
I updated my answer as well
Bill Tubbs
Bill Tubbs on 25 Jan 2023
Thanks. This is the answer I was looking for. The reason I would have needed a for loop is because the cell array is of indefinite length.

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