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Draw an Arc with a dashed line(not with plot function)

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Mauro on 9 Mar 2015
Commented: Mauro on 26 Mar 2015
I want to dra an arc with center and, angle, start and or endpoint. Important detail: I can't use the plot function. Just try the linestyle '--' and you know why (it has a horrible shape or you get a solid line) so I search something like (<>) that produces a true single graphic object as an arc to draw dashed lines.


dpb on 9 Mar 2015
Good luck. Handle graphics only implements drawing from point-to-point by straight lines betweens; any arc is resolution of the points which create it as line segments. There is no arc "object", nor afaik, any way to build such an animal except by drawing it.
You can, of course, encapsulate into a function the facility to draw such an arc given those inputs and have that function take care of the nitty-gritty but that, to the best of what I can think of now, is the closest thing to an "object" you can get (outside the OOP paradigm nomenclature/implementation of course).
Mauro on 26 Mar 2015
lets see what carel draw read with a connectet dashed line. thx for the comment dpb

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