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Compare each element of a vector with a number and if the element of the vector is higher than the number then replace that element with the number

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Suppose we have a vector Av=[5;4;6.7;5.5;12;5.4;7]
I want to check that the each element of Av should not more than the 6.
if vector element is more than the 6 then replace that element of the vector Av with 6.
please help me how can i write the command for it?

Accepted Answer

DGM on 5 Jan 2023
Like so
Av = 7×1
5.0000 4.0000 6.7000 5.5000 12.0000 5.4000 7.0000
Av = min(Av,6)
Av = 7×1
5.0000 4.0000 6.0000 5.5000 6.0000 5.4000 6.0000

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