Approximate Value Using Taylor Polynomial

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I have the following problem:
Use MATLAB to help you approximate f(5) using a 10th degree Taylor polynomial centered at
c = 4 for the function f(x) = sin2(x) cos(x).
I keep getting several different errors. The following is different methods I have tried with no luck. When I don't get an error, x is still in the answer. I am trying to find a value after it is evaluated. What can I do to solve this problem?
syms x
f= (sin(x).^2).*(cos(x))
T = taylor(f,x,'ExpansionPoint',4,'Order',10)
syms x
T = taylor((sin(x).^2).*(cos(x)),x,'ExpansionPoint',1)
syms x
f =@(x) (sin(x).^2).*(cos(x))
T = taylor(f(5),'order',10)

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 27 Jan 2023
syms x
f = (sin(x).^2).*(cos(x))
f = 
T = taylor(f,x,'order',10)
T = 
ans = -1.2435e+04
Torsten on 27 Jan 2023
Edited: Torsten on 27 Jan 2023
syms x
f = (sin(x).^2).*(cos(x))
f = 
T = simplify(taylor(f,x,'order',11,'ExpansionPoint',4))
T = 
ans = 
ans = 0.2605
ans = 0.2608

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Rajeev on 27 Jan 2023
You can first subsitute x in T using the 'subs' function and then use the 'double' to convert the answer to double precision type at the value x. Example:
This script returns a syms variable T,
syms x
f= (sin(x).^2).*(cos(x))
T = taylor(f,x,'ExpansionPoint',4,'Order',10)
substitute x with 5 as in T as given below:
sub_T = subs(T,x,5)
evaluate the value at 5 using the 'double' like:
ans = double(sub_T)
Refer to the documentation for more information:


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