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Raspberry Pi OS and MATLAB support package on same Memory card

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I am trying to connect a raspberry pi with my computer's MATLAB using the "MATLAB Support Package for the Raspberry Pi Hardware". I am unable to make a wireless connection between them. When MATLAB writes the filmware on the memory card, all exsisting data on the sd card is deleted and I lose the raspberry pi OS that was already installed. When placing that memory card into the raspberry pi I get this display (see attachment) and can't establish a connection.
This issue persists when I reinstall the OS and try again. How do I resolve this issue?

Answers (1)

Nikhil on 22 Feb 2023
Edited: Nikhil on 22 Feb 2023
Hi Tracy,
Assuming you are trying this from MATLAB Desktop,
Can you try connecting to Raspberry using MATLAB Online ?.
Have a look at this link on how to connect MATLAB Online with Raspberry Pi.


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