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Using regressionLearner app—how to add models

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I'm following this tutorial on how to use the regressionLearner app. At one point it says "Add medium and coarse tree models to the list of draft models. On the Regression Learner tab, in the Models section, click the arrow to open the gallery. In the Regression Trees group, click Medium Tree. The app creates a draft medium tree in the Models pane."
I cannot figure out how to do this. When I click icons in the Model Type gallery it changes the type of the existing model, rather than adding a new model of the selected type.
No doubt this is so obvious it is staring me in the face,,,
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Bill Tubbs
Bill Tubbs on 6 Mar 2023
Edited: Bill Tubbs on 6 Mar 2023
It's possible my version of Regression Learner is out of date (MATLAB 2021b). I notice other features described in the documentation (such as saving a session) which don't exist in the menus on my version.

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Bill Tubbs
Bill Tubbs on 6 Mar 2023
Edited: Bill Tubbs on 6 Mar 2023
I eventually figured out a workaround. It's not very intuitive.
First you have to fit one of your models. Then select this model and then in the Model Type gallery, click on a model type and a new model will be created.
If the model currently selected is not trained, the current model is changed to the type you are clicking on.
I do not understand why this works or whether there is a better way to add a new model.
There should be a menu called 'Models' or at least a '+' button in the model window.

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