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How to set number of measured disturbances to zero in MPC Designer

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I'm using the MPC Designer tool from Simulink for the first time.
I have a system with one MV, one CV, and one unmeasured input disturbance.
When I select 'MPC Structure' in MPC Designer the 'Define MPC Structure by Linearisation' window appears. In that window, when I select "Change I/O Sizes' button, the following window appears:
When I change the '1' by 'Number of measured disturbances (MD)' to '0' as shown above, or to nothing (blank), and press enter it says:
I looked at this demonstration example in the documentatiuon here, the window looks different but the example shows this field blank.
What am I doing wrong?

Answers (1)

Bill Tubbs
Bill Tubbs on 27 May 2023
I figured it out.
When you first add an MPC Controller to your simulink model, it has one measured disturbance input by default. From the Block Parameters window (after double-clicking it) you need to uncheck the box next to Measured Disturbance (md) in the Additional Inports area and click Apply, before cliking the 'Design' button:
Then when you click Change I/O Sizes in the designer there is no field for Number of measured disturbances:




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