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Argument to dynamic structure reference must evaluate to a valid field name???

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I know there are multiple posts about this error but unfortuantely none of them were in my context. Which is:
I trained a neural network using the fitrnet matlab command and got a neural network that we will call NET. NET accepts 7 inputs in row array format and outputs to me a single number. But for some reason when I try to simulate the network using, for example,
Result = NET.predict(x(1,:))
I get the error message given in the title of my post. I dont really know where to go from here. Its not a very describtive error message.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 15 Sep 2023
In addition to posting the complete error message, please show the exact code that you're running that causes that error to be thrown and show us exactly what the variables used in that section of code are (sizes and classes.) You can collect the size and class information by using the whos command, like:
x = magic(4);
y = "Massachusetts";
whos x y
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes x 4x4 128 double y 1x1 162 string

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