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Matlab 2023b Apple Silicon每次打开都需要重新登陆

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Sheng Yang
Sheng Yang on 19 Oct 2023
Answered: C C on 26 Feb 2024
Matlab 2023b Apple Silicon每次打开都需要登陆,有一个这样的弹窗提示:无法保存登陆信息。您当前已登陆,但下次启动此应用程序时会提示您再次登陆,不知道是怎么回事?在linux上没有遇到这一问题。
king tom
king tom on 15 Dec 2023
晨盛 on 25 Dec 2023

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Accepted Answer

Divyanshu on 4 Jan 2024
Hi Sheng,
If this error occurs when attempting to start MATLAB, there is a possibility of conflict between the MATLABConnector ServiceHost and the MathWorks Service Host.
A possible way to resolve this is to reinstall MathWorks Service Host, please refer the following answer thread to know how to uninstall and reinstall MathWorks Service Host:
If this does not work, please try resetting your local credentials with the following steps:
  • Shutdown any running MATLABs, MathWorksServiceHost and MATLABConnector processes.
  • Delete their credentials storage folder. It can be found at the following path in MAC OS:
"~/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/credentials"
  • Try running MATLAB again.  
If this error occurs when attempting to start up MATLAB Drive Connector on macOS, there may be an issue with the secrets file contained with the credentials directory, which may have been deleted or modified. To resolve this issue with secrets file refer the following steps:
  • Delete the following directory: /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/credentials
  • Delete the "MathWorks Key" key found in your login keychain in the Keychain Access app under UtilitiesRestart MATLAB Drive Connector.
Hope it helps!
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xmzzl on 15 Jan 2024
我的是Windows系统,按照操作重装了MathWorks Service Host,没有用,打开Matlab 2023b时依然提示“无法保存登录信息”,每次都需要重新登录,不知道credentials storage folder在Windows系统中的哪里

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More Answers (1)

C C on 26 Feb 2024
因为这个目录 AppData\Roaming\MathWorks\MATLAB 缺一个R2023b_licenses文件夹(里面是license)才每次都要登录的,如果你之前安装过的话把之前文件夹的名字改成这个就行啦


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