how should I take a screenshot of a matlab visualization and send it to myself by email?

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how should I take a screenshot of a matlab visualization and send it to myself by email? Once a day I would like to "print" a visualization chart and ideally send it by email. Is it possible to make by script? Thank you.

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 23 Oct 2023
Edited: Christopher Stapels on 23 Oct 2023
You could use the charts API to send a particular field chart. You wont get the custome MATLAB visualizations this way though.
Write MATLAB analysis code that generates the appropriate link and then trigger an alert email to send it to yourself. Here is part of an example, you'll have to modify it yourself with the right parameters.
alertBody="your link is " +url; %or you could add html fomatting to make sure it is clickable
webwrite(alertUrl , "body", alertBody, "subject", alertSubject, options);
To do it with custom MATLAB visualization plot, you could generate an image of your plot and then save it to amazon s3 or dropbox and email yourself a lnk to the plot. Thats a bit more involved, but Ive done all the parts of that workflow seperately. EDITED: I'd stick with version 1 for now. Or just make a custom MATLAB visualization, put it on a channel view and email yourself the link to the channel everyday. :)
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Mi He2
Mi He2 on 24 Oct 2023
in the end, I solved it with a small python script that I added to the task scheduler in Windows, which saves the screen on my PC and sends it to me by email. No web service is free, only trial and it doesn't work properly (zapier, pagepixels, docma)

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