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How to prevent gauges and graphs to move when scrolling?

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Hi,everytime I view my channel on my mobile the gauges are being dragged when I scroll. How can I prevent it and lock them in space?

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Yousef on 29 Oct 2023
Moved: Image Analyst on 15 Nov 2023

Yousef on 15 Nov 2023
HI @Bar
To prevent gauges from being dragged when scrolling on your mobile channel, you should first look at the CSS settings and use `position: fixed;` to lock the gauges in place. Additionally, check your JavaScript or JQuery code to disable any draggable functionality specifically for the gauges. It's also important to ensure your design is responsive, handling touch events properly, especially if you're using frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue. Using debugging tools like Chrome DevTools can be helpful for diagnosing and fixing the issue. Lastly, if your channel is built on a specific platform like WordPress or a mobile app development framework, consult their respective documentation for platform-specific solutions.

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 22 Nov 2023
If its really important, I would suggest you host them in an iframe on another site. The scrolling behavior is sometimes odd on mobile.


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