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Upper limit on the number of UIAxes children allowed

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I am plotting orbital data, using plot3 to progressively lengthen the orbital track of a spacecraft.
plot3(earthMoon.UIAxes, x,y,z,"w');
Each time I do this, another "Children' is added to the UIAxes instance. Eventually, when the number of children approaches 200 or so, the graphical object management becomes unwieldy and my GUI stops responding to button pushes; even the Matlab STOP and CONTINUE buttons fail to respond.
I found a similar question and answer here:
Is there a better way to manage the Children? I have tried thinning out my track data to reducte the number of points, but that results in jerky updates that don't align with the orbital state. I have also looked at using splines, but I will still need to limit the number of current track points to something under 200.
I have another app for displaying radar data where I progressively delete the oldest children in the UIApp, so I never have more than about 50. That works well, but for orbital data I would like to display the whole trajectory from launch to current time. It appears I can't have it both ways.

Accepted Answer

Voss on 1 Nov 2023
Consider updating the XData, YData, and ZData of an existing line, rather than creating a new line each time you want to add more data to the plot.
For that, you can use a line object (such as what plot3 creates), or you may find it convenient to use an animatedline object.

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dpb on 1 Nov 2023
Don't call plot3 (or friends) multiple times for such, update the data properties of the one having been called or use the animatedline instead.


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