Field 1 Chart Options

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Artur Adamczyk
Artur Adamczyk on 18 Dec 2023
Options on charts have not been working for me for some time now. I cannot set the type, timescale, average and, above all, median.How can this be fixed. I click on various options but nothing happens. It used to work without a problem.
Artur Adamczyk
Artur Adamczyk on 18 Dec 2023
on thingspeak field 1 chart of course
Jiri Kubik
Jiri Kubik on 30 Dec 2023
I have the same problem

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Answers (1)

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 5 Jan 2024
Thank you for reporting this issue. We are aware of the problem and are working to fix this issue. I plan to report any change of status on this related thread.


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