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How can I sort cell arrays along with vectors?

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I am getting very confused by all the documentation on sorting in MATLAB, so can someone please answer this very specific question?
I have a number of numeric vectors along with two associated cell arrays, ie
How can I sort them all together with the order defined by one of the numeric vectors?
Stephen23 on 4 Jan 2024
Edited: Stephen23 on 5 Jan 2024
"How can I sort them all together with the order defined by one of the numeric vectors?"
With difficulty: having lots of separate variables makes this task much harder.
If you stored the data in one table then it would be very easy.
dormant on 5 Jan 2024
I tried using a table before, but had problems because some of the values in the numeric vectors were undefined or NaNs. I can't remember the details, but I'll look into it again.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Jan 2024
[~, SortOrder] = sort(vtstring_datim_begs); %or as appropriate
s_ends = vtstring_datim_ends(SortOrder);
s_durs = vtstring_durs(SortOrder);
s_ids = vtstring_ids(SortOrder);
s_max_MLs = vtstring_max_MLs(SortOrder);
%and so on

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