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Extract a specific range of rows from an excel file using opts = detectImpo​rtOptions(​filename)

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I try to extract rows 191-222 from an excel file, and I use opts = detectImportOptions(filename)
However, by inspecting the weblink for this on MATLAB, I cannot find how to narrow down to a range, 191-222.
I tried
opts = detectImportOptions('tempDataTrollhFlygpl.xlsx', 'NumHeaderLines', 191-222, 'VariableNamingRule','preserve');
opts = setvartype(opts, 4, 'double');
D=readtable('tempDataTrollhFlygpl.xlsx', opts)
M = D(:,[3 4])
But that won't work. Any ideas how to limit opts = detectImportOptions to extract only within rows 191-222?

Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 17 Feb 2024
Specify the data range to be read using the 'Range' option -
opts = detectImportOptions('tempDataTrollhFlygpl.xlsx', ...
'Range', '191:222', 'VariableNamingRule','preserve');
opts = setvartype(opts, 4, 'double');
D=readtable('tempDataTrollhFlygpl.xlsx', opts);
M = D(:,[3 4])
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 19 Feb 2024
No, that is an expected behaviour. As M is a table, so using mean() directly on it calculates the mean of each variable.
If you want to calculate the mean of a particular variable in a table, use curly brackets to access the data in it or use the dot indexing as you did in plotting the data
See mean and Access Data in Tables for reference.

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