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Im not able to csv file into the cloud.Each time I get a timestamp error. I have tried all the format thats given on the site. But each time I get "no rows imported"

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Please help me out here. I have tried uploading the file both with and without the timestamp.

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 18 Mar 2024
Edited: Christopher Stapels on 18 Mar 2024
Your file has a bunch of extra commas at the end, ThingSpeak is seeing these as several entries with the same timestamp.
Remove the commas and it will upload correctly. (I tried)
2024-02-22 12:00:00 UTC,4.01E+12,06-03-2024,0,0,4,1,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:02:00 UTC,3.05E+11,15-02-2024,0,1,1,2,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:04:00 UTC,3.50E+12,22-02-2030,0,0,10,3,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:06:00 UTC,4.01E+12,22-11-2024,0,0,5,4,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:08:00 UTC,4.01E+12,10-07-2025,0,0,2,5,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:10:00 UTC,4.90E+12,13-02-2025,0,0,3,6,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:12:00 UTC,4.90E+12,13-02-2024,0,1,1,7,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:14:00 UTC,5.41E+12,NULL,0,0,0,8,,,,,,
2024-02-22 12:16:00 UTC,6.00E+12,14-02-2025,0,0,3,9,,,,,,


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