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dark mode figure save flashing

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LJH on 1 Apr 2024
Commented: Adam Danz on 1 Apr 2024
Hello. I have a simple, but serious problem when using saveas function in dark mode.
I use beta ver of the dark mode in 2023b and I'm trying to generate figure using saveas function.
But when saving given figure, it is flashing and the color of the figure will be inverted and blurred.
Here is my code and results.
x = [1,2,3];
y = [2,4,6];
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo on 1 Apr 2024
Edited: Angelo Yeo on 1 Apr 2024
Hi @LJH,
Thank you for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce the issue in R2023b New Desktop.
(1) As a workaround, you can change the theme of your figure into "light" mode and save the figure in R2023b.
fig.Theme = 'light'; % "fig" is figure you use
(2) The issue does not persist in New Desktop R2024a. You can upgrade your release to R2024a to work around the issue.
(3) Can you please report the issue to development team through the feedback button indicated below? Please note that the "New Desktop" mode is beta-released and there can be unexpected issues.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 1 Apr 2024
Thanks for sharing this @LJH
We are aware of this issue in the 23b beta release and, as Angelo mentioned, this issue has been fixed in the 24a release.
Please feel free to send feedback about any other related issues.

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