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simulink plot and compare

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Eom on 2 Apr 2024
Edited: Angelo Yeo on 2 Apr 2024
i use autonomous-emergency-braking-with-sensor-fusion.
and i use sim("AEBTestBench"); % Simulate to end of scenario
this code to plot.
i want change parameter and compare before change parameter and after change parameter in plot.
How can i compare two graphs (like matlab hold on)

Answers (1)

Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo on 2 Apr 2024
Edited: Angelo Yeo on 2 Apr 2024
(1) I can see you are working with the example below.
(2) The plot itself is complicated and it would be hard to compare by overlapping signals in the same figure. In my humble opinion, it would be better (or may be recommended) to use different figures to compare the result. This is exactly how it is done in the example as well. The author uses scenario names to set up environment and plot results in new figures. For example,
(3) Another way is to use the result logs called "logsout". You can keep them by parameters for comparison.
Hope this helps.


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