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How I can create matrices from a cell with a loop if the dimensions of matrices are not consistent?

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Dear All,
I have an out(301,1) cell which contains data in function of longitude, latitude and time in each months from 1961 to 1990. The longitude and latitude dimensions are same but the time is different because its lenght depends on the number of days of months. So the out cell looks like: out = {(464x201x31), (464x201x28), (464x201x31), (464x201x30)...}. Could someone write me how I could create matrices from this cell with a loop?
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Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 21 Apr 2015
It's not clear to me how you intend to combine these cell array elements (or even if you intend to combine them). What is the size of the matrix that you want to create?

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