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uicontrol doesn't work in Matlab 2023a

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'String','pause','Position',[2000 60 100 100],...
This code is supposed to work but it doesn't have any button showing up in Matlab 2023a, why?

Accepted Answer

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 15 Apr 2024
The button position you give is way off push the button outside the universe. This happens with all MATLAB.
feynman feynman
feynman feynman on 16 Apr 2024
Now I got how to set units to normalize, but after that when I specify the position to be [2000 60 100 100] it's still out of scope.
Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 16 Apr 2024
You still don't understand the concept of Unit, if you do you would never use Position outside 0, 1 in normalized units
Google and read. Sorry but I'll not here to correcct every single mistake you make by randomly do in your code.

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