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Reflection of a surface across an axis

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Sorry if the title is a little's my question:
- I have a 3-D graph with two surfaces on it. They are identical in almost every regard except they are mirror images of each other on the X-Axis. In other words, if we look at them on a xy or xz graph, you end up with a mirror image at the x=0 plane.
- Is it possible to reflect one of the two surfaces to get the two surfaces to overlap? I've been playing with the rotate command for a while and haven't managed to figure it out.

Accepted Answer

Jonathan on 14 Nov 2011
This example should help you see what to do.
hand = surf(peaks);
set(hand, 'XData', -1*get(hand,'XData'));

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Nov 2011
Use copyobj() to clone one of the surfaces complete with properties. Then get() the XData property of the cloned object, multiply it by negative 1, and set() that as the new XData property. You now have a mirror object.
Note: the procedure might be a bit different for some kinds of surfaces, especially patches built up from vertex and face lists.


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