Changing from "Model Type Geographic" to "Model Type Projected"

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Hi all, I have two geotiff images about same scene but they have a different tag "Model Type": in one of them this tag is MODELTYPEGEOGRAPHIC and in other one is MODELTYPEPROJECTED. Is possible to change from ModelTypeGeographic to ModelTypeProjected? Thanks in advance

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Nalini Vishnoi
Nalini Vishnoi on 24 Apr 2015
You can use the function geotiffread to obtain the spatial referencing object, R from a geotiff image. This object is different for ModelType: Geographic and ModelType: Projected. You can then use geotiffwrite together with the referencing object obtained from one type of geotiff image to write the second geotiff image in the same modeltype. However, in order to make sure that this conversion is valid, I would like to test it on the images that you are working on. If possible, post your images here, so that I can verify that this method works correctly.

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Salvatore Savastano
Salvatore Savastano on 26 Apr 2015
Hi Nalini, thank you for your reply. Yes, this is a good way to do that but unfortunately my situation is more complicated. As I said, I have two geotiff images about the same scene but they are different: one is a Radarsat image in SLC and other one is a WV2 (multispectral) image. Now for multispectral image I don't have problem because using the command geotiffinfo I know all about it and above all that is modeltype as Projected and I can retrieve which is the system projection (UTM). My problem is about Radarsat image because when I use the command geotiffinfo the modeltype is Geographic and I can retrieve only the information about latitude and longitude of 4 corner pixels of image. Now, because my scope is to compare this two images possibly pixel to pixel, I would project the Radarsat image in the same system projection of multispectral image (UTM) and so I ask to you if according to you that's is possible through Matlab of I have to use other program to do that. Thank you in advance.

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