Scatterplot colorise, cloud to cloud insted of ground

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I have two point clouds, where i want to visualize how they fit together. Therefore i want the points in one of the clouds, to go from green to red, doing to the pointdistance to the correlating point in the oppesite cloud. I have worked with Scatter3, but it colorises the cloud in respect to the Z ground, is it possible to do this in respect to the other clout, instead of the ground

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Nalini Vishnoi
Nalini Vishnoi on 20 May 2015
Hi Malte,
It is possible to represent the second point cloud using the colors corresponding to its distance from the first point cloud using scatter3. Here is a short example:
>> P1 = rand(1000,3); % Create two point clouds
>> P2 = rand(1000,3);
% find the distance betweeon point clouds
>> d = sqrt((P1(:,1)-P2(:,1)).^2 + (P1(:,2)-P2(:,2)).^2 + (P1(:,3)-P2(:,3)).^2);
>> figure, scatter3(P1(:,1), P1(:,2), P1(:,3));
>> hold on;
>> scatter3(P2(:,1), P2(:,2), P2(:,3),50, d);
>> colormap('jet');
Please note that you can change the colormap to any of the desired colormaps, for example, if you want the colors to change from green to yellow, you can use 'summer' colormap.
I hope this helps.

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