error associated with "errorlevel 1"

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Ayman Mohamed
Ayman Mohamed on 30 Jun 2015
Commented: Ayman Mohamed on 2 Jul 2015
Could anyone explain the error associated with "errorlevel 1" when matlab R2013b is executed by batch file?

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Nalini Vishnoi
Nalini Vishnoi on 2 Jul 2015
Hi Ayman,
Please provide more details about the error and what were you executing when you got the error. This error might has something to do with wrong batch parameter setting.
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Ayman Mohamed
Ayman Mohamed on 2 Jul 2015
Hi Nalini,
we have our own optimizer program, so, we execute matlab simultaneously based on the threads (cores). We use this command in batch file to execute matlab:
start /D%thread_work_directory% /WAIT /MIN matlab -r file_name -nojvm -nosplash -minimize -wait
However, inside the matlab file, another program is executed. After it finish, matlab can read and write its outputs in certain format to be readable for the optimizer. I am not the author of the optimizer. The optimizer was design to print out the success of each run by reading "errorlevel". when the run is executed successfully, it returns "0". Sometimes, it is stopped ,to continue, I have to end-task matalb manually from windows task manager then it returned "1". I have not noticed any error from program executed by matlab. So, we would like to know what does errorlevel 1 mean for matlab as long as its interpretation varies from program to another. Thanks!

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