preallocation of structure array for MATLAB coder

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Hi, I'm using MATLAB coder to convert my image processing routine in MATLAB.
I read several articles here about structure array preallocation.
Here is my MATLAB code snippet. im1, im2 have size of 480 x 640 x 128.
ptemp.im1 = im1;
ptemp.im2 = im2;
[sx, sy, sz] = size(im1);
picturesque(1:nlevels) = struct('im1',zeros(sx,sy,sz),'im2', zeros(sx,sy,sz));
picturesque(1) = ptemp;
But the MATLAB coder tells me picturesque is not defined.
Undefined function or variable 'picturesque'. The first assignment to a local variable determines its class.
I tried many times, changing preallocation methods. But I didn't find any clue.
Do you have a good solution to preallocate the structure array for MATLAB coder?

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 24 Aug 2015
picturesque = struct('im1',zeros(sx,sy,sz),'im2', zeros(sx,sy,sz));
picturesque = repmat(picturesque,1,nlevels)

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JangHo Cho
JangHo Cho on 24 Aug 2015
Thank you. It works! That's what I wanted. :)


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