Subdivide area of function in x areas of same size

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Hello Mathworks Comunity,
I want to subdivide a given function or vector in x sections with the same area. For example a function of type f(x)=2x in a range of 0 to 5. I want to divide it for example in 10 sections. So each section has a area of 2.5. It is obvious the width of the area at the beginning is broader that at the end of the range due to the increased hight. How could I implement something like that for different functions.
Thank you for your support. Janik

Answers (1)

Steven on 20 Oct 2015
Go to you matlab prompt and type y = 0:0.1:5. Here is another clue: x = 2 y = 0.01 z = 30 a = x:y:z; Also go to prompt, type in linspace and hit F1 key

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