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In the example the sample time of this block is set to 1/250, but GPS outputs data between 1 to 10hz. Is this block already outputs a fusion/filtered with the inertial sensors?? If not, why the high sample time of this block? Thanks

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Steve Kuznicki
Steve Kuznicki on 14 Sep 2015
Tony, This is the sample time of the block in the Simulink model. This is basically saying that the data will be sampled at 250 Hz - it has no bearing on how often new data is available from the hardware. You can easily set this to a different sample time in your model - but it won't change the output rate of the GPS module. The GPS block will just output the latest values, until they get updated by the GPS sensor publisher module.
Steve Kuznicki
Steve Kuznicki on 12 Apr 2018
The "GPS" block only outputs GPS data; Lat, Lon, Alt, etc... no inertial data.

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