How can I create a correct lambertian colormap from my data with map_m package?

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Hi All,
I tried create a lambertian map using with map_m package by the following way:
lon2(:,1)=lon(1,:); #lon2(464,1)
lat2(:,1)=lat(1,:); #lat2(201,1)
clim5=reshape(clim3,[464,201]); # where clim3(93264,1)
m_proj('lambert','lon',[-40.375 75.375],'lat',[25.375 75.375]);
m_coast('patch',[1 .85 .7]);
hold on
but I got the following map (attached). I do not know what I did wrong. Could someone write me how I can create a correct lambertian colormap from my data? Thank you for your help in advance!

Accepted Answer

Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 15 Sep 2015
"lambertian" is a fun new word... :-)
What you're seeing is just the block outline of all the grid cells; by default, all Matlab pcolor plots (including those generated by m_pcolor) use this style. You can remove the outlines via:
set(findobj('tag', 'm_pcolor'), 'edgecolor', 'none');
(In non-m_map plots, you could use the shading flat shortcut, but I find that doesn't always play nicely with m_map objects).
Szabó-Takács Beáta
Szabó-Takács Beáta on 16 Sep 2015
Finaly I could solve my mistake. I draw the values with
where lon is the x axis lat is the y axis as in the Lambert Conformal Conic projected map.

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