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how to find area covered by circles over the rectangle.

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amit zarola
amit zarola on 1 Dec 2015
Answered: SUSHMA MB on 2 Dec 2015
I have attached here one MATLAB figure.I want to find area covered by circles over the rectangle.when radiues of circles and cordinates of rectangle are known to me.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Dec 2015
Please attach it as a screenshot, a PNG image file, with the green and brown picture frame icon.
If you want a digital/numerical solution, you'll have to create an image and it will be pretty easy. If you want an analytical solution then you're going to get into some very messy geometrical/trigonometric equations that may well be intractable, and may not even involve MATLAB - just a bunch of math.

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SUSHMA MB on 2 Dec 2015
Please check the link given below:


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