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Conversion of ECEF to NED

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Casey on 17 Jan 2012
Hi, I had a set of data which are in radians, it comprise of latitude, longitude and height. I need to convert it to meters but is through using the conversion of ECEF to NED. Is it involve with 2 table of matrics?
James Tursa
James Tursa on 17 Jan 2012
Please be more specific. Are the lat, lon, height values geocentric, geodetic, or what? Can you give a specific example of a set of inputs we can work with? You haven't given enough information.
Casey on 18 Jan 2012
Sorry,it is the longitude of the vehicle and geodetic latitude of the vehicle.
Both of the longitude and latitude are in radian while else the height are in meters.
Is it in order to convert from ECEF to NED in the following 2 matrics are neccessary:
matric 1:
[ cos(lon) sin(lon) 0; -sin(lon) cos(lon) 0; 0 0 1]
matric 2:
[ cos(-(pi/2+lat)) 0 -sin(-(pi/2+lat); 0 1 0; sin(-(pi/2+lat)) 0 cos(-(pi/2+lat)) ]

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Answers (1)

Wolfgang on 17 Feb 2012

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