how to read different columns from excel but write in the same variable in matlab?

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vivian0925 on 3 Mar 2016
Commented: Bob on 3 Mar 2016
Hello everyone, i´m quite new with matlab. I have one excel file and want to read the data with matlab script and plot them.
Due to the data is very big, i can´t fit them only with 4 columns in excel but with 8 columns (as you can see in the image above), i don´t know how i can change my script so that it will read all the 8 columns data but write in the same variable. For example: For A1 A5 A9... and E1 E5 E9... these values are belong to the same variable "Time", so i write in my script:
but it doesn´t read the column E1 E5 E9... but i need these value also saved in the same variable "Time"
How can i correct my script so it read read also E to H columns ? I have attached a sample of the excel file.
Thank you and best regards.

Accepted Answer

Bob on 3 Mar 2016
Edited: Bob on 3 Mar 2016
I can't understand what exactly you want Mrs.
Do you only need to read column A1 A5 A9... E1 E5 E9....?
%%Read Column A
%%Read Column E

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