Matlab table to LaTeX, exporting the Matlab table as a figure

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I have the following table in Matlab. TableV =
NoOil Intermediate OECD
________ ____________ ________
Constant 1.0639 1.5984 2.4839
se(constant) 0.44582 0.47918 0.6804
lnY60 -0.29933 -0.37604 -0.4009
se(ln(Y60)) 0.060451 0.065497 0.063473
ln(I/GDP) 0.52091 0.5364 0.37022
se(ln(I/GDP)) 0.084137 0.098078 0.15559
ln(n+g+delta) -0.14027 -0.14316 -0.14139
se(ln(n+g+delta)) 0.066662 0.064922 0.053896
ln(school) 0.234 0.27431 0.23588
se(ln(school)) 0.057569 0.077239 0.13192
The aim is to recreate this table in LaTeX. How exactly I do this, I do not care. I have tried exporting the table as a .txt file and then importing it into LaTeX, however, that ends up messing with the structure of the table (meaning there is only one space after each number/word). I have also tried to convert the table into a matrix in order to use
latex_table = latex(sym([name of matrix]));
However, the resulting LaTeX code doesn't work in my LaTeX (additionally, in this case, I would lose all the labels).
Any hints on how to do this? Is there a way to export this table as a figure?

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Dave Behera
Dave Behera on 4 Apr 2016


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