How to configure CAN Pack programmatically? Or How to make a programmatically configurable CAN Pack?

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Hi, I have a GUI which imports arxml file and corresponding AUTOSAR SWCs directly in my Simulink model. The next step is, based on which SWC is imported, ports must be connected to other modules automatically as well. The module that must the Outport connect to, is CAN Pack. On the other hand in CAN Pack, the corresponding message from dbc file must be selected. Since CAN Pack mask is not programmatically configurable, I thought maybe I have to make new CAN Pack and CAN Unpack modules with Mux and Demux. I am not sure if it is possible, any idea how to make it?
Any other solution for my problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Saeed Soltani
Saeed Soltani on 3 Jun 2016
Edited: Saeed Soltani on 3 Jun 2016
Right now I noticed, although it is user defined block, I can easily access the parameters using set_param . The only thing is now just to update the model, exactly what "apply" button does. Any idea?

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