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How to model a e-auto

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Jianghui Xu
Jianghui Xu on 7 Jun 2016
Answered: Jianghui Xu on 15 Jun 2016
hello,guys i have learned how to model a e-auto. the webside is From this video I have found a problem. When I build a DC-DC Converter(Block:ideal Transformer, ratio:0.5) between battery and PWM Average, the scope of the speed is not constant after 30sec. my question is how to make the speed constant after 30sec.

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Christoph Hahn
Christoph Hahn on 9 Jun 2016
Edited: Christoph Hahn on 9 Jun 2016
Hello Jianghui Xu,
my name is Christoph and I have been in the team that has developed this course. Great to hear that it is helpful to you.
To answer your questions:
We have on purpose given certain inputs to the car, such as a speed reference, gear shift and brake actions, in order to show how it behaves. If you want to assign your own 'driving commands' to the car, please edit the following block (see also figures attached):
  • Step function block "Speed reference"
  • Signal builder block " GearShift"
  • Step function blocks "Front/Rear Brake Force"
Does that help you?
Cheers Christoph

Jianghui Xu
Jianghui Xu on 7 Jun 2016
in this file is the model of e-auto. It it like the picture schows.the problem still not solved. I hope someone can help me.
thanks so much

Jianghui Xu
Jianghui Xu on 15 Jun 2016
hello, Christoph thank you for your answer. But my problem is not the input of speed. my problem is that, when I increase the voltage of the battery, the speed of vehicle after 30 sec is always shake like the foto I showed. That is my problem
with best wishes


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