How can I display longitude and latitude values in a projected figure?

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Dear All,
I created a map with eqdcylin projection by the following way:
axesm('eqdcylin','maplatlimit',[26.5861 71.8699],'maplonlimit',[-34.748 60.8422]);
I attached the result. I would like display the longitude and latitude values in the map. I have ever tried to use
load coast
based on but it does not work. Can someone suggest me a solution?
Amy Haskins
Amy Haskins on 17 Jun 2016
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "display the longitude and latitude values in the map". If your looking for grid lines with labels, then try this:
gridm on
mlabel on
plabel on

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Answers (1)

Tom W
Tom W on 8 Nov 2016
noticed you had
did you mean "lon" instead of "long"
Also, look into the m_plot package, it's an old open-source build, allows you to choose the projection first (m_proj), then plot (m_plot)...

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