Error in internal.m​apgraph.Co​ntourGroup​>oneVertex​Patch

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Dear All, I have a 2D matrix dif1 where size(dif1,1) = 1 and size(dif1,2)=longitude*latitude (464*201). I divided its values into 8 categories by:
diff(find(9 > dif1))=1;
diff(find(13.2 > dif1 & dif1 >=9))=2;
diff(find(17.3 > dif1 & dif1 >=13.2))=3;
diff(find(21.5>dif1& dif1 >= 17.3))=4;
diff(find(25.7>dif1& dif1 >= 21.5))=5;
diff(find(29.8>dif1& dif1 >= 25.7))=6;
diff(find(34>dif1& dif1 >= 29.8))=7;
diff(find(dif1 >= 34))=8;
IU=permute(reshape(diff, 1, 464, 201, [ 1 2 3]));
IU2=permute(IU,[3 2 1]);
The minimum value of diff is 1 and the maximum one is 8. I tried to create a contour plot by:
load coast;
plotm(lat, long, 'k');
clear lat long;
contourcmap('jet','Colorbar', 'on', 'Location', 'horizontal')
but I got the following error:
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in internal.mapgraph.ContourGroup>oneVertexPatch (line 1230)
p = patch('Parent',ax,'XData',x(1),'YData',y(1),'ZData',z(1), ...
Error in internal.mapgraph.ContourGroup>addLineCData (line 1169)
p(k) = oneVertexPatch(ax, hLine(k));
Error in internal.mapgraph.ContourGroup/refresh (line 505)
Error in contourm (line 116)
Error in contourfm (line 36)
I do not understand what the matter is. Could someone suggest me a solution?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Jun 2016
In order for your code
clear lat long;
to work, you would need to have defined a class named lat or have used an import statement to bring lat into scope from Java, to allow the lat.mat to refer to a method of lat . The clear removes the possibility that lat is a variable at that statement, and if lat were a function at that point, it would not be permitted in MATLAB to directly deference the result of the function as if it were a structure. I would suggest to you that you did not post your actual code, and that your actual code has
with 'lat.mat' as a quoted string that indicates which file is to be loaded.
The output of load() when assigned to a variable is a structure array of length 1, with one field for each variable stored in the .mat file. Given the names, it is probable that at that after that statement, lat is a structure with a field named lat that contains the actual information that you want to use. The counter call then fails because it is not expecting a scalar structure as a data parameter.
I suggest changing your code to something like,
data = load('lat.mat');
lat =;
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Jun 2016
What shows up for

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