Matter with worldmap: Warning: Variable 'worldRegions' not found

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Dear All,
Until today morning I get error message if I use
Warning: Variable 'worldRegions' not found.
> In regionmap (line 29)
In worldmap (line 121)
Undefined function or variable 'worldRegions'.
Error in regionmap (line 30)
validRegions = worldRegions;
Error in worldmap (line 121)
ax = regionmap(mfilename, varargin);
I use Matlab R2015b. I chacked the set path and \toolbox\shared\maputils roles in the list. Can someone help me what should i do?
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Szabó-Takács Beáta
Szabó-Takács Beáta on 1 Jul 2016
Sorry I want to write that until today morning the worldmap worked, but for the morning it hasn't worked.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Jul 2016
You possibly have a regions.mat on your path that is interfering with finding toolbox/map/mapdisp/private/regions.mat . The regions.mat file that it finds is expected to have a variable named WorldRegions and whichever regions.mat it is finding does not have that variable. Try
which -all regions.mat
to see which regions.mat is being found.
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Szabó-Takács Beáta
Szabó-Takács Beáta on 1 Jul 2016
Thank you very much Walter! I wrote
which -all regions.mat
and I got
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2015b\toolbox\map\mapdisp\private\regions.mat
and now it works.

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