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Fine tuning a 3D figure without modifying the arguments of `view`

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Leo Simon
Leo Simon on 17 Jul 2016
Commented: Leo Simon on 18 Jul 2016
In the figure below, the cluster of stem lines to the left of the figure (a cluster is identified by a common color) are quite far apart. Moving from left to right the lines in each cluster become closer and closer together. I'd like the gap between the lines within each cluster to be more uniform across clusters as I move from left to right. Obviously, I can achieve some uniformity by modifying the
command, e.,g setting,say,
but then the figure looks terrible. So I'm there's some other way to obtain a more uniform gap by modifying some other property of the figure (one of the camera properties, maybe?). I've attached the .fig file in the hope that somebody can show me how to do this.
Thanks very much for any suggestions.

Accepted Answer

John BG
John BG on 18 Jul 2016
what you want to do is to switch the camera option Projection from 'Perspective' to 'Orthographic'.
launch the camera toolbar
open perspective1.fig
reading the camera toolbar right to left, the first button you find is a STOP sign button.
The next button is the 'Reset Camera and Scene Light'.
The next 2 buttons toggle between 'Perspective' (3rd from right) and 'Orthographic'.
Click on 'Orthographic'
You see the stem rods are now equally spaced regardless of the colour set.
I am attaching a screenshot in a few days, just exhausted uploads for 24h.
Leo would you please be so kind to mark my answer as ACCEPTED ANSWER?
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thanks in advance

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 17 Jul 2016
Edited: the cyclist on 17 Jul 2016
Imagining this figure as an actual, real-life, 3-dimensional object, I would say that there is no way you can configure it to get what you want. I could be wrong.
I think a grouped bar chart (with each bar representing a panel size) might capture what you are hoping for better. It might not be quite as elegant at first glance, but might be a better visualization for actually interpreting the data.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 17 Jul 2016
To be clear, I am suggesting you use bar, and grouped bars, not bar3.

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