Automatically generate program logic flow chart from mfile?

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I just discovered code2flow which is great for mapping out the logical flow of code, for example when debugging. However it requires you enter pseudo code, or you can run it on existing javascript or Python code. I would love if there was a similar tool that would let you make a visual representation of the logic flow of an mfile. Does this exist?

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Mohammad Askar
Mohammad Askar on 24 May 2021
i=imread('wine.jpg');%farakhani tasvir
g=imresize(i2,.6);%taghir size
for m=1:M
for n=1:N
f = g+0.4*rand(M,N);
s=5/6%taeen sigma
h=zeros(5,5);%sakht matrix sefr
for x=-2:2%toole panjere
for y=-2:2%arze panjere
h(x+3,y+3)=.5*(1/(s^2)*pi)*exp(-x^2+y^2/(2*s^2));%moadele gussy
u=imfilter(f,h);%emal filter bar tasvir
subplot(2,2,2),imshow(g,[]),title('tasvire asli')
subplot(2,2,3),imshow(f,[]),title(' tasvir noise dar')
subplot(2,2,4),imshow(u,[]),title(' tasvir denoise ')
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 May 2021
Please explain how this relates to the Question that was asked about generating flow charts.

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