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Escape character for colon in matalb path in linux

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Hello everybody, I would like to add to matlab path a path containing a colon (:), which is actually a separator between folder paths. I have tried \ as an escape character but didn't work. I would like to addpath('C:') in linux machine Thanks for the help

Answers (2)

Natch Ruengsakulrach
Natch Ruengsakulrach on 1 Sep 2016
Unlike Windows, Linux allows directory names with “:”. Having “:” in a directory name on the MATLAB search path is currently unsupported. I work for MathWorks and I have forwarded this to the appropriate team.

Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward on 14 Jan 2020
Has there been any update on this issue? Any workarounds?
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Richard Crozier
Richard Crozier on 16 Jan 2024
workarount on linux might be to create a soft link with a differrent name

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