How can I estimate the prestley's evolutionary spectrum in MatLab.

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I want to estimate the Prestley's Evolutionary Spectrum for non stationary time series using MatLab. I'm wondering whether there is an inbuilt function for this.
Samithree Rajapaksha
Samithree Rajapaksha on 31 Aug 2016
Thanks John and Strider. Spectrogram based on STFT is there in Matlab. Yeah, I'm going to try writing a fnction.

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Natch Ruengsakulrach
Natch Ruengsakulrach on 31 Aug 2016
Unfortunately, MATLAB currently does not have a built-in function for Prestley’s evolutionary spectrum estimation, so you will need to either search for it on File Exchange or write your own function. I work for MathWorks and have forwarded this feedback to the appropriate product team. You can find available spectrum estimation methods MATLAB provides in the below link:
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Samithree Rajapaksha
Samithree Rajapaksha on 31 Aug 2016
Thanks Natch. Spectrogram based on the STFT seems so much alike to the evolutionary spectra introduced by Prestley. So I might go for it.

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