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MINA on 6 Sep 2016
Commented: MINA on 6 Sep 2016
I have a big structure .mat file called a.mat and it has a structure named stat. stat has filed called day. i.e., stat.day. There are 6 days and I only want to load one day, that is, stat.day(1). Can someone please tell me how I can do this without loading the whole structure in the memory. Thanks

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KSSV on 6 Sep 2016
If you have saved the mat file using the version 7.3 then it is possible to load parts of it. For any other version lower then this, I don't think it is possible to load part of a file.
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MINA on 6 Sep 2016
About 8 Gb. And I saved it in ver 7.3.

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