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I want to time the time interval which an object spends it in a virtual box, how it can be done in matlab?

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Ahmed El Sheikh
Ahmed El Sheikh on 23 Sep 2016
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I have used tic toc function but it returns time in an unknown format after processing a 3000 frames from live acquisition color detection & tracking it returned 206.829 and I don't believe this is the time elapsed as I measured it using stopwatch it returned 168.8 seconds
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Gopichandh Danala
Gopichandh Danala on 23 Sep 2016
if u show us a demo of your code or something it will be easier to understand.
tic toc is a stop watch timer and it is accurate based on ur code execution time and where you placed tic and toc in your code..
may be you r using tic and toc and respective your own stopwatch at a different pace as far as i know tic toc is pretty accurate

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