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CPU at 100% forever afterl use Simulink Real Time Kernel

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Hi, my CPU run at 100%, and never stop. In this precise moment, I'm writing this question with the machine recently power on and only the chrome open and my CPU is at 100%, the cooler running too fast and the decibels are irritating to work. I've restored my computer to previous points to repair this issue, but do this all the time is impractical, cumbersome and unworkable. I have installed and uninstalled the real-time kernel from matlab command line and from console windows. And I have not achieved any result, my CPU is 100% permanently. This follows using the real-time kernel and visual studio 2015 SR3 compiling with C++. Is there a solution to this problem or must return to restore my computer and never reuse the kernel in real time? I'am using Matlab r2016b. Thanks, Best regards, Cyberiano.
Sondre Nilsen
Sondre Nilsen on 4 Feb 2017
I just restored because the CPU was at 100% after using the real-time kernel in Simulink.
Is this the same problem, and is there any update on this issue?
Umut CANDAN on 5 Apr 2021
I also have the same problem at the moment please can someone help??

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Answers (1)

Umut CANDAN on 5 Apr 2021
This worked for me.Basically go to your power plans and change it back to your regular one.Appearently simulink changes it to this very CPU intensive power plan without letting you know.

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