How can i make a function with a input parameter?

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Hi everybody,
This is my script code. I want to create a function with the input parameter 2.txt - file This function should create my plot. How can i do this? Thank you for your help.
clear all
Input_Matrix_Woehler = textread('2.txt')
x1 = Input_Matrix_Woehler(:,1)
y1 = Input_Matrix_Woehler(:,2)
[xb,yb] = stairs(x1,y1);
figure1 = figure('Name','Woehler',...
'Color',[0.756862759590149 0.866666674613953 0.776470601558685]);
axes1 = axes('Parent',figure1);
xlim(axes1,[1000 200000000]);
set(axes1,'Color',[0.894117653369904 0.941176474094391 0.901960790157318],...
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Preethi on 12 Oct 2016
if you want to create a function, kindly check help/documentation once.

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 12 Oct 2016
All you need to convert your script into a function is:
  • delete the clear all and clc. These have no place in a function
  • replace it with the function declaration, something like
function agoodnameforyourfunction(fullfilename)
%agoodnameforyourfunction Plots data from two column text file ...
% fullfilename: char array containing the full path of the text file
  • replace the hardcoded string in the textread call by the input variable name
Input_Matrix_Woehler = textread(fullfilename);
  • put an end at the end of the file.

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