Linking Simplorer with Matlab/Simulink R2015b and Higher?

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Linking Simplorer with Matlab/Simulink R2015b and Higher
is it possible to link Simplorer 17.2 with Simulink R2015b? I am following procedure described in
In 4. (Setting ANSYS path in MATLAB) I choose C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\AnsysEM17.2\Win64\cpl\matlab\R2015a as it is closest to R2015b.
I am able to define a Simulink Subcircuit (according 8.) in Simplorer and read defined parameters in Simulink, but I cannot read simulink model in simplorer (Read link information from the file in Add Simulink Subcircuit) even though I export simulink model into R2015a version.
When I start simulation in Simulink, it returns this error message:
Error reported by S-function 'AnsoftSFunction' in 'Simplorer_link_1a/S-Function': ȸw
When I start simulation in Simplorer, it reuturns these error messages:
[info] Compilation... (4:06:20 odp. 10 13, 2016)
[info] Compiler completed successfully. (Time < 1 sec) (4:06:22 odp. 10 13, 2016)
[info] Number of models: 5; Simulation is using Simplorer Entry solver license (4:06:22 odp. 10 13, 2016)
[info] Analyzing... (4:06:22 odp. 10 13, 2016)
[error] [Sim2000] Error - A supported Matlab installation was not found. >> Prepare (4:06:22 odp. 10 13, 2016)
[error] [Sim2000App] Error 10532 - Error encountered while PREPARE. >> Close (4:06:22 odp. 10 13, 2016)
[error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. (4:06:22 odp. 10 13, 2016)
Could you please help me?
Balram M
Balram M on 24 Jul 2019
Hi, Michal Kosik I am also facing same issue. Did you solve the problem without changing the Matlab verson 2015b to 2015a.
Please respond, every kind of support regarding this will be very much valuable for me.
Michal Kosik
Michal Kosik on 27 Jul 2019
Hello Balram,
as I didn't need a real time connection between Matlab and Simplorer, but only exchange of results, I used scripts both in Simplorer and Matlab to read CSV files containing the data. It was way easier than linking, with which some further issues arised even after installing Matlab 2015a. If I remember it well (it was quite a while), there were issues that there could be only specific version of NET frameworks installed at my computer.

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Answers (2)

INFOZOU on 16 Oct 2016
Edited: Walter Roberson on 16 Oct 2016

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Oct 2016
It looks to me as if Simplorer is checking which MATLAB release you are using, and is refusing to run because it is not supported on that release.
If I am right then if you install R2015a and use it then it would work.
Because you have a R2015b license, you can use the Mathworks downloads section to download any previous version, including R2015a; it will work with your existing license.
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Kevin Bachovchin
Kevin Bachovchin on 26 Feb 2018
@Walter Roberson, When doing a co-simulation between Simulink and Simplorer, how should I setup the time step and the solver?
I am able to successfully link Simplorer and Simulink and run from either Simplorer or Simulink without getting any errors using the instructions from However, the value being read in Simplorer from Simulink is coming out as all zeros. I'm thinking this might be happening due to a problem with the time step synchronization between Simplorer and Simulink.
I also created a new thread with this issue if you want to respond there instead:

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